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Mail Prep Without the Risk!

Shying away from doing mail prep in-house?

Now you don't have to! Our simple REMOTE LCP MAIL PREP SERVICE provides an easy way for you to do Letter Carrier Presort mailings and keep the revenue in house!

NO Expensive Software

Purchasing your own LCP software can be expensive. With our service there is no need to burden yourself with expensive software packages that require costly data updates!

NO Hired DM Specialist

Who knew mail could be so complex? There's a lot to know about direct mail in Canada and our program gives you the comfort of having our knowledge in your corner!

NO Risk of Errors

With any new endeavour there is always a learning curve and an increased chance of error. Reduce the risk by relying on our valuable years of experience!

NO Strained Resources

Getting involved with mailing can be a big investment. Our program helps you avoid straining your resources by allowing you to grow at your own pace!

What could be simpler? What could be safer?

It's an affordable easy process. Here’s how it works...

  1. 1

    You send us the length, width, thickness and weight of the piece to be mailed

  2. 2

    You send us the mailing list in one of several, standard file formats

  3. 3

    We do the LCP sort with our own, custom-built software

  4. 4

    We send you a zipped file containing:

    • the sorted file in XLS format
    • all container tags and bundle tags
    • required Canada Post files and paperwork

Who is AFA?

Alexander, Floyd and Associates Ltd. has been developing LCP Presort software since 1994 and has owned and operated Highland Marketing, offering innovative direct marketing and mail prep services since 1993. We know mail and we know presort software!

It's affordable too!

You pay an annual subscription fee of only $995. There is a minimum LCP sort charge of $135 for mailings of up to 2,000 records. For files with more than 2,000 records, there is a modest cost of $0.0095 per additional record.*

For example, the LCP sort costs for a file of 4,500 records would be $158.75.

To learn how you can be up and running quickly, please complete the form to the right.

* Prices shown reflect costs for clean data. As an added benefit, when you need to, you can also take advantage of our other extensive data services including:

We can also help you to review materials and assist in submitting samples for Canada Post rulings.

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